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Call for Collaborations

SiC is constantly looking for interesting collaborations and exchanges with individual artists, companies, festivals, venues, organizations, youth centers and royal theatres etc…

When a new collaboration is established, SiC seeks to articulate, together with the other project leaders, the specificity and the uniqueness of the given situation - its politics, the place, the audience, the organization and the staff.

SiC’s artistic directors both have ten years of experience in working within collectives. Over the course of their professional careers, they have developed various models of collaborations and proposals of decision making in collective structures.

SiC also offers lectures and workshops in collective processes, leadership in collaborative processes, methods of sharing ideas and developing structures for multi-disciplinary constellations. SiC also cherishes and encourages expanded interaction between the artistic disciplines in the performing arts field.

SiC acts to push the conventions of collaboration between independent artists/groups and institutions and is working for a performing arts field with longer arms and bigger hearts.

SiC is since 2013 continuously collaborating with Magnus Nordberg at Nordberg Movement.